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The benefits of Twitter for marketing

Twitter is a great tool to market your business….if you do it right! Many people believe that Twitter is all about telling people what you are up to or your opinion on something. Sure that’s a small part of it however Twitter is far more than that, and it is a great platform to position yourself as an expert!

One expert I know on Twitter, is Keith Keller.

Keith is in the top 1% of Twitter users in the world, with a great following. Recently Keith and I produced a podcast with slides and workbook.  By the end of the podcast you will be able to put together a Twitter strategy to market your business. CLICK HERE for more information.

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As a mum… want to set your kids up for life

I started a network marketing business so I could teach my daughter’s how to set up their own business and be indepenent. My eldest, Emma, took the opportunity and now she is busy with her own network marketing business. I love the fact that I have helped my (at the time of writing) 21 year old daughter supplement her income. I know at the pace she is going she will end up earning a six figure salary.  So far she is developing the confidence to present to strangers, she is learning how to market and how to create her own personal brand.

Here she is, the beautiful…Emma Marie Carr.

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How do you actually build a website in less than three hours?

Today I spent three hours building a new WordPress blog including having my own domain name and producing a promotional video. When I first started out in business in 2004 I made it my goal to teach myself how to build websites, blog, write ezines, and develop a personal brand (as well as a company brand).  I had no choice I couldn’t afford to pay anyone and besides I want fast turnaround when something needs to be added or fixed.

I started my first speaking bureau without a clue about marketing. In fact I was working as an Office Manager for the Australian Federal Government – not in marketing though and definitely not in sales!  I still remember making my very first cold call terrified! I’ve come a long way since those days.

Building a WordPress blog and converting it into your very own domain is not as difficult as people may think.  One of the ways I taught myself was to always go to the help page and to “Google” my questions.  I have never been taught to build websites and I have personally built all my websites.  In my opinion if you can use Microsoft Word then it’s not too hard to utilise those skills into building blogs/websites. So today I built www.the-celebrity-buzz.comin less than three hours including the video on the front page. Here is a crash course in simple language on creating a WordPress blog.

  1. Decide what you are blogging  about, the theme and colours of  your blog
  2. Decide if you are going to utilise the free service of WordPress or pay the premium of $99 per year to get your own Domain name
  3. Decide on the categories for your posts i.e. Motivation, Inspiration, Rants etc – just like the ones I have on the side of this blog
  4. Sign up on and create your account.  You can add as many blogs as you like. A blog is the whole website a post is what content you keep adding.
  5. Choose a template from the range or if you like you can buy a customised template (this is actually included if you pay the $99)
  6. I always have a home page that is locked – you do this as you are setting up your Blog
  7. Spend some time navigating around your Dashboard learning about the different tools and pages
  8. In the tab “APPEARANCE” is where you pretty up your blog and decide what ‘widgets’ you will put on your sidebar. The sidebar will depend on what Theme you have chosen
  9. You can create polls and feedback forms in your posts or on your home page
  10. Decide if you would like people to comment on your blog (recommended) however I moderate my comments before they are made public
  11. When you create a post you will notice that you have similar tools to use as in Word. Get familiar with them.
  12. To upload e-books, videos and photographs you will notice about the BOLD and ITALIC icons the words upload/insert
  13. Write your first post, always save draft and check the preview before publishing. Once published it will go to all your followers.
  14. WordPress already has a post called “HELLO WORLD” you can go into edit that and change it to your first post. Just click on HELLO WORLD and the edit button.
  15. In widgets you can add your Twitter and Facebook accounts
  16. With each post you will be asked to ‘tag’. These tags are like keywords so have the same words in your content
  17. I always put my post into categories and you will see how to do that on the left hand side prior to publishing

Happy blogging.  People are always asking me how I do this or that so I am in the process of writing a whole manual in the form of an ebook/workbook which I will be detailing all the tricks I have learned over the years on creating an online brand for yourself including how to produce videos, have a flip magazine, create a CRM, working in the cloud, social media,marketing and much more.  If you are interested in purchasing this book please complete the form below and I’ll send you the details when I have finished it.

PLEASE NOTE I will not be adding you to a database for ongoing emails I will send you a one-off email only and you have my word as a professional on that

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6 ways to buy property like a Buyers Agent (and secure your purchase before anyone else can)

One of the benefits of being in my industry (keynote speaking) and being a great networker is meeting awesome people. Recently,  I met Josh Masters who helps people to build wealth by growing a property portfolio. Josh very kindly offered to share this article on buying property. You can find Josh on Facebook.

6 ways to buy property like a Buyers Agent (and secure your purchase before anyone else can)

People are often asking us what the market is like and whether it’s the right time to buy. They’re often surprised that even with today’s uncertainties we still face a lot of competition trying to secure good quality units – even in today’s market there could be up to 10 contracts out on a property we’re looking to secure.

But that’s the whole point. The types of properties we buy are always in demand because they tick all the boxes and the majority of people in the area can afford to live there, so competition is always strong.

So to help you understand the techniques we use to secure properties for our clients, and possibly even for yourself, I thought I’d outline the 6 most effective techniques that, when combined, create a formidable force when it comes to purchasing.

1.     Speed

There are a number of processes involved with a property transaction – building inspections, reviewing contracts, valuations, negotiations, funding. Get all of this in place before you start. Once you see a property you like you need to move quickly and you need to have all your ducks in a row beforehand. As a Buyers Agent, if we see a property we like, we can have our due diligence completed and contracts exchanged within 24 hours and this can make all the difference to a vendor who is looking make the sale and get on with their life.

2.     Remove the emotion

It’s imperative that you know what you’re looking for in your investment property before you go out into the market. If you can have ten points listed and understand which of those are non-negotiable, it’s very easy to determine which properties make the grade and which ones don’t. Removing the emotion with a simple checklist can remove the heartache and indecision around a purchase.

3.     Research your area

Unless you’re using a professional to buy for you, most people will tend to buy in the area they live in because that’s what they know. Although limiting, this understanding of the local market is essential.

As Buyers Agents, we know which suburbs outperform others, which streets to avoid, which buildings to avoid, where rental demand is strongest and the price points of all properties in between.

If you don’t know these things before you start shopping for your next investment it’s best you get busy, otherwise a mistake at this level could be costly.

4.     Understand the investment fundamentals

Understand your personal circumstances, understand the types of properties that will suit your circumstances, then understand which of those properties will make the best investments and you will be miles ahead of the game.

5.     Negotiate with a win/win attitude

Long-term investors looking to build real wealth understand that you don’t get something for nothing, and “bagging a bargain” often leaves you with something no one else wants. When you’re looking to hold a property for the next 30 years, it’s not so much about getting a discount as it is about securing the right property that will grow strongly over time. If you see a property that fits the bill, pay them what it’s worth. Trying to beat them down on price will often result in you losing a quality property and having to continue your search for another few months, all the while the market continues to move along without you.

6.     Make a strong offer

Undoubtedly one of our best-kept secrets as Buyers Agents. When making an offer on a property we always approach the agent with a signed contract, a 66W form waiving the cooling-off period and a cheque for a 10% deposit. Anything less is considered a waste of time and leaves room for gazumping or secret cross-negotiations with other interested parties resulting in a lost deal. Keep in mind that you should only waive your cooling-off period if you’ve done your due diligence beforehand, which as a Buyers Agent, we will always have undertaken.