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I’m a confident woman

NYC - Bank of New York Building

NYC – Bank of New York Building (Photo credit: wallyg)

Last November I visited New York for the first time in my life and I was a woman on a mission.  I wanted to experience being a mature woman on her own who was confident enough to go to a bar by herself order a drink and not feel intimidated. I also wanted to be able to do this without being self-conscious or be someone who had to be playing with her mobile phone for security.

Did I do it? YES! I didn’t have a choice really. This is what happened:  I landed after the very long trip via Hong Kong (which adds more hours on), and when I finally arrived in New York and I went straight to my hotel (I highly recommend this place…so trendy).

Now picture this: I had flown over to New York because my business was nominated for an award. I arrived at my hotel around 11.45 pm. On the way via to NY I had stopped in Hong Kong and had dinner with my brother who is an international airline pilot and flies to Hong Kong frequently.  I boarded my plane for NY and he boarded his plane to fly it back to Sydney.  As I enter my room filled with excitement, happiness, achievement and elation I look at the window and soak in the fact I’m in the one city I always wanted to be in.

Phone rings.

It’s my brother who I had seen a number of hours earlier in Hong Kong. He says, “Mum has had a massive stroke it’s really bad”…..

I sit down in disbelief.  Total disbelief.  This can’t be happening, this can’t be true.

By now it is midnight.  After my phone call I decide I can’t sleep, I can’t think, I want to scream and I’ve already cried. There is only one thing to do. Go out by myself and go get a drink in a bar.

I did it! I did it without feeling self-conscious, I chatted to a local and for 30 minutes and shared my story.

Today, mum has had another stroke and we battle on.  As I close this year off I think back and really have to admit it’s been a hard one, yet I type this smiling.

I’ve had more experiences to add to my already very unusual and eventful life, and one of them is….I can go to any bar in any city by myself and have a drink and just watch the people go by….and of course chat to those that come up to me. 😉

I wish all my readers a Happy Christmas and a fantastic 2013….. I look forward to the coming year with great anticipation and I have a goal…..I’m going back to NYC!

I have one tip: Get out of your comfort zone it does wonders for your life.

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Locked-in Syndrome: A survivor story, Kate Allatt

A couple of days ago I woke up and went to check my email. I had received an email from Kate Allatt regarding her speaking career.  As I read her email I started to have tears in my eyes because Kate’s story is truly inspirational. The reason I had tears was that Kate had suffered a brainstem stroke and as a result had Locked-in Syndrome.  I guess I related emotionally to Kate as my mum had a stroke a year ago and another one since. Luckily mum’s stroke only left her with paralysis in her left arm and hand, not like Kate who had a fully functional mind trapped in a body that could not move.

Imagine this: Waking up in hospital with tubes attached to you everywhere, not knowing why you were there and not being able to talk, move or communicate in any way to anyone.  Imagine being stuck in such a body where the doctors don’t even know you are actually 100% conscious and there is no way you can communicate to them how you feel or ask questions? This is Kate’s story.

Kate is a walking miracle because she recovered and is now a advocate for stroke victims and works tirelessly in her charity I am so inspired by Kate that I immediately added her to our books.  She is a remarkable woman and you can read more here: Kate Allatt

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A big responsibility tomorrow!

Tomorrow I am speaking at the end of year event for the SISTER2sister program

I feel honoured to have been asked to speak at the very important end of year event. I realise that with my talk, comes a huge responsibility.  A responsibility to add value to the lives of teenage girls who have been disadvantaged in life.

About the mentoring program

The SISTER2sister program takes in up to 50 at risk teenage girls per year per program along with their respective Big Sister mentors. Each of the girls in our program is assigned a Big Sister mentor as a positive female role model to provide support, guidance and advice, where needed, throughout the 12 month program.

The Big Sister mentors attend a comprehensive three day training course prior to being “matched” to their Little Sister. The course is designed to equip the Big Sister mentors with requisite skills and information that will ensure they can handle the various issues which may arise. The course also includes information on their legal obligations relating to their duty of care responsibilities, the health and welfare issues of the girls, and additional avenues of appropriate community support that may be necessary in certain circumstances.

The program commences with the four day Butterfly Bootcamp, where the Little Sisters meet their Big Sister mentors for the first time and together attend various team building workshops that enable them to bond and set a foundation for their mentoring relationship for the months to follow. There are seminars on risk management and independent survival skills that provide various tools and strategies for coping and working through the challenging circumstances they have encountered, may encounter during the year and for life in general. The workshops are designed to teach the girls to empower themselves, develop their self esteem, boost their confidence and encourage them to work together towards goals. Also included are some unique “life changing experiences” all of which make the Butterfly Bootcamp a rewarding and memorable experience.

Once the Butterfly Bootcamp has concluded, the program continues with monthly outings. These outings are held for the entire group of Little Sisters and Big Sister mentors within the program, and they include an educational workshop component which deals with risk or life management issues together with a fun, motivational component which includes activities such as painting with an artist, learning to surf, trapezing or cooking classes!

Little Sisters and Big Sister mentors also have the opportunity to meet on a one on one basis should they choose to do so, in line with the Foundation’s policy.

Please visit the website and get involved.

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If I Could

Today 14 years ago my brother died. When I found out my brother had taken his life, my world collapsed. 14 years on it is still a vivid memory and doesn’t seem that long ago.  This is my tribute to him today.  We were in the middle of writing a children’s book called “If I Could” about a little boy with big dreams. I was writing the book and Gary was doing the artwork which is featured in this video. I couldn’t finish the  book because Gary hadn’t finished all the illustrations. The little boy featured in each drawing is actually his self-portrait. I promised one day I would show the world his art so today is it. The original paintings are vibrant colours and extremely detailed, Gary was indeed gifted.

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Getting real about having it all!

Recently Megan Dalla-Camina sent me a copy of her new book. Megan is a fabulous woman who I met a couple of years ago and is now on the speaking circuit, glad to say she’s on Voxy Lady’s books and is in fact speaking for us at AMCHAM soon.

Megan’s book, Getting Real About Having It All: Be Your Best, Love Your Career and Bring Back Your Sparkle will be a great help to the many thousands of women who need some love, support, tips and tools and a little dose of getting real, to create the career and life they love.

If this is you, then this is a must read!  Don’t just take my word for it, here is a sample chapter to read CLICK HERE

Professional Bio

Megan Dalla-Camina is a business strategist, coach, speaker and author, passionate about creating positive change. Having worked in the international business environment for the past 18 years, she has driven strategies for multi-billion dollar corporations in Australia, Asia and the US in the areas of business strategy, marketing, communications, gender diversity, leadership development, organisational culture and change management. With Masters degrees in Business Management, and in Wellness (Positive Psychology), Megan currently works at the intersection of business strategy and organisational culture to drive positive and revenue growth for a 5 Billion dollar business. She is a leading advocate for women in business, and she coaches, mentors and speaks to thousands of women every year on creating careers they love, and empowering them to live well.

Megan has been featured in a host of media, including BRW, CIO, Women’s Health, Wellbeing, Spa Australasia, ABC Radio, international business media, and she was recently named amongst celebrities and leading Australian’s as one of the ‘Hot 40’ women in Australia, in Prevention Magazine.

Her first book ‘Getting Real About Having It All: Be Your Best, Love Your Career and Bring Back Your Sparkle’ is being released on November 1st through Hay House/Penguin.


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Janine Shepherd’s “The Gift of Acceptance”

I am truly grateful for the number of inspirational people I meet through my work. I’ve had the privilege of being mentored by many of the keynote speakers I represent, as well as learning from the  hundreds of books I have been sent over the years.

This week I received a copy of Janine Shepherd‘s new book called “The Gift of Acceptance”.  I opened the package today and there was a signed copy for me and one for my friend.  I have read the book twice today! Yes that’s right twice!

This book is a must have for anyone who is into personal development or anyone who thinks they are a victim of life! It’s a beautiful book written with words that just jump off the page at you! My favourite words from the book are “In accepting………I recognise that my best ideas come when I have nothing to lose. Tough times inspire creativity and open the door to infinite possibilities”.

I highly recommend Janine as a keynote speaker and she is available for bookings through my agency,

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It’s not as bad as it seems really

Janine is a keynote speaker who I have known for many years and her story is incredible.  To find out why Janine received a standing ovation in front of 1600 people just watch the video below. If you would like to know how to book Janine to speak at your conference email

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Next time you are complaining about life watch Eric McLean’s Last Video

For the last three years Leukemia patient, Eric McLean, has been releasing YouTube updates about his cancer treatment. He recently made his last one which is video number 109. In his video Eric says “We got some really bad news last week, and there’s nothing we can do.”

Eric, who is 28 has started hospice and is bravely preparing to die.

Take the time to watch the 8 minute video below and I hope, like me, you will think twice about wasting another second of your life worrying or complaining.

Thank you Eric for sharing your personal journey.

Live Life!

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Let me introduce you to one of my clients….

Donny Singe

The who, what, where and when

In 1999 Coach Des Hasler asked Donny to work with the Manly Sea Eagles’ lower grades. In October 2003, Des was promoted to Head Coach and brought Donny back from a contract with Japan Rugby Union to install him as the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles.  An NRL Grand Final appearance in 2007 was a clear indication of the club’s rise to physical conditioning dominance. The following year cemented that, with a very dominant NRL Premiership win in 2008, followed up by a World Club Cup Challenge Win in 2009. 2011 delivered the Sea Eagles’ second NRL Premiership.

Donny is one of the most successful S&C coaches in Australia and NZ. He is also a current member of the NZ Rugby League Coaching Staff, as well as having worked with The NZ Maori team of 2008.

Donny currently presents and speaks for international sporting companies, including the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association, commercial business/corporate and government law enforcement agencies for both general duty officers and the nation’s elite units. You can contact Donny regarding speaking engagements at

Over the years, Donny has been professionally involved in coaching a number of elite athletes, including Olympic Gold Medalist Kerri-Ann Pottharst, Junior Wimbledon Champion Todd Reid and Peter Palai, Olympic Bobsled competitor.

Currently heading up the strength and conditioning department of the Manly Sea Eagles, Donny works with an exceptional team of professionals as well as drawing from experts in the private sector, all of who continually support and update his sporting knowledge. Having developed innovative and unique methods, Donny is able to motivate individuals and teams of elite athletes. He has a superior ability to understand and plan the logistical elements of coaching large groups. Donny trains his people to identify and complete crucial tasks, focus and perform isolated assignments, regardless of environment or external mental stimuli.

Donny lives life on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney with his wife and two boys.

Here is the good news! You can book Donny (in Sydney) to speak at a team ‘lunch and learn’ by contacting me:


The simplest things that can bring happiness

English: Sunflower fileds of Šumadija, central...

English: Sunflower fileds of Šumadija, central Serbia. Српски / Srpski: Поља сунцокрета у Шумадији, Србија. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last week-end I was visiting my parents at their country property, something I am trying to do at least once a week now. Dad, who is 80 next year is now the full time carer of my mother, following her stroke. Mum has lost the ability to use her left hand and she can’t care for herself anymore. Dad refuses to let anyone else look after mum, he says he married her to look after her for his life. They were married for 50 years this week.

Being nearly 80 and someone’s full time carer is pretty impressive and to top it off, dad has a severe case of carpel tunnel syndrome requiring surgery soon.  His fingers are bent  and he can’t actually feel anything in the tips of his fingers.  Here is the point of this post…he never complains.  Dad believes that you have to ‘go with the flow’ in life and ride the waves as they come in.  He is always happy and despite the drastic changes in my parents lives since mum’s stroke last year, and subsequently another stroke a couple of months ago making things even worse, dad keeps on smiling and joking.

Last week-end I have kept a memory that I will never forget.  It’s of my mother and I sitting in their lounge room and hearing my dad on the ride on mower singing at the top of his voice.  He was in heaven, having a little break from being a carer doing what he loves best, chooking around the property doing maintenance.  Dad was singing so loud we could hear it over the noise of the mower. Mum and I went to the window to see what this commotion was all about and that’s when I saw my dad, oblivious to his audience, riding his mower, his beer can on one of the fence posts,  and singing at the top of his voice.  I’ll never forget it – a picture of pure happiness.

It makes me reflect on what a waste of time it is to get annoyed at trivial things and put so much pressure on ourselves. We need to cherish every moment because stroke or any other illness can change lives in a second.

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Do you have a Plan B if your world goes pear shaped?

Stock Market

Stock Market (Photo credit: Tax Credits)

Could you survive if you lost your job? How many months would it be before you would go through all your savings? This is a serious question you should be asking yourself and if you think that ‘would never happen to me’ – think again!  People are dispensable in business!

We live in a world where corporations are cutting their workforce, an unstable stock market, slow economies and as Warren Buffet quoted “This downturn could last eight years.”

The reality for many is that running out of money in a slow economy will mean you will suffer! So will your family. What if it takes weeks, months or years to find a job? What if you are considered to be too old, too experienced or whatever other reason that might discriminate against you?

If this paints a scary scenario for you then it’s time to consider Plan B – or as I like to refer it as “Plan Backup”.

So what are your options?

  1. Get a second job? Hmmm long hours, more stress and less time with family
  2. Sit back and do nothing and hope your savings or shares will keep you going? That’s not very wise and the stock market is a risky business.
  3. Start your own business? As long as you have the seed capital but then there are the overheads, leasing, warehouse, staff, phone systems, IT and the list goes on! Believe me I know what it’s like running a small business. The stress levels climb pretty high most of the time.
  4. Purchase a franchise? Perfect if you have at least $100,000 to invest but usually a lot more.
  5. Freelancer? Another tough one, you have to be the accounts department, sales manager, marketing manager and everything else!
  6. Start an online or network marketing business! This you can do with a very small investment, work  part-time and eventually build up ongoing residual income or build up to  a six figure salary and say bye bye to working for someone else forever!

I have chosen option 6. Why? As a small business owner in a tight economy I have very little time to myself and when times are tough, the security of having another income that keeps building makes me feel a lot more secure. I have chosen  two businesses that complement what I’m already doing in the professional development industry, Arbonne and Market Australia. With these businesses I can help others to become more secure by teaching people what I know from my experience in the motivational speaking and training industries.

I love working for myself and not having to answer to anyone else as my freedom is one of my highest values.  I like working the hours I choose, taking the time off when I need to and knowing that I’m in control of my destiny – not someone else.

To find out more about what I do and how I can help you please watch the two short videos below.

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Fear my new best friend

Today my friend Lisa Phillips one of Sydney’s top Life Coaches gave me some good advice.  I should be more afraid of the consequences of not achieving my goals. That puts my fear into a whole new perspective for me.

Fear my new best friend