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The reason I love this man so much

Yeah! Yeah! You think this is some kind of soppy love story. Sorry it’s not. This is a story about love of humanity and love of people in my life. People I know as Soul Family, people “I have recognized” when I have looked into their eyes. There are not that many of these special people who I instantly recognized, however, there are some who have impacted my life greatly. One such person is Tom Cronin. Tom and I have only known each other for a few months. We connected on LinkedIn and developed an instant friendship online and when we met in person. Tom is now my meditation teacher (I highly recommend).

Now this is what is happening in my life at the moment:  I am connecting with people on the same ‘wavelength’. We are people who are not out for ourselves, we are people who want to be part of a community that helps each other. A community where everyone is looked after, a community where there is no competition, a community where there is respect and most importantly a community where there is TRUST and LOVE.

So this is my newest LOVE. No not a romantic love, someone I trust, respect, love and, is part of my win/win community.

Here are some very wise words from Tom: please don’t tell him I’m guilty of 4 points  below 😉

  • Do you check your phone when you are on the toilet?
  • Do you text on your phone when you are walking?
  • Do you check your email and Facebook at the red traffic lights?
  • Do you snap photos of those quiet moments on the beach or park and post it on
    Instagram and Facebook?
  • Do you check your phone while you are in bed just before you go to sleep?
  • Do you send a picture of every meal to Instagram?(Yes, guilty to some of these!)

It appeared to me the other day that I have filled in all the gaps in my day
with the distraction of my phone. I realised that I didn’t have any spaces in
my day that were voids of restfulness and simply ‘Being’.

You know those brief moments of just sitting, be it at a traffic light, in a
park, on the train, or yes, even on the toilet!

When I grew up part of our daily routine was morning and afternoon tea. So
around 11am and 4pm everything we were doing would stop, and the entire family
would sit around for cup of tea and small snack. It was a moment of respite
 from work and ‘doingness’. This tea break would last about 20-30 minutes and
would be spent simply sitting around in the sun on the porch, sometimes
chatting, sometimes just in silence.

Up until 2005, the year the iPhone was born, our days were often filled with
small gaps of emptiness. These were moments of respite to contemplate, ponder
and just BE in a simple state of awareness.

In observing my life and the lives of others around me, I have realised that
slowly we have removed all those gaps in our day and we’ve filled them in with
more and more data processing without even noticing.

Emails, Facebook, Twitter, sms, Kik, Heytell, Instagram, news feeds and Google.
 Data, data data!

Some of our most creative impulses and intuitions are born in those gaps.

At the moment we are relying on someone else’s post of a Rumi quote or a
Youtube clip of a waterfall for inspiration rather than connecting with our own
inner voice of wisdom.
So how do we bring back the gaps?

How do we regain those small daily moments of respite that are free of data?

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The benefits of meditation

wellnessThere are many things in my life that I am truly grateful for. One of those is meeting Tom Cronin.  Tom and I met on LinkedIn actually and since meeting, Tom has become a speaker on my books, Vox Presenters and my meditation teacher.  I cannot stress enough how I am benefiting from my meditation.  I feel more relaxed, I seem to have more time, I feel peaceful.

Here is a short 15 minute interview I recorded with Tom, along with some slides.  Interview with Tom Cronin

Visit Tom’s website


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Self Esteem

The Jasmine in the Forest


“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” Eleanor Roosevelt 1884-1962

I love this  quote.  How very true is this? The only way someone who insults you are puts you down can only succeed in making you feel bad is if you let them. Of course it’s not easy to ignore people who judge you or say things about you that you don’t like, yet you are in charge of your thoughts and your feelings. YOU…no one else. It’s taken me years of practice to get to the point I am now, where I switch off thoughts of negativity that make me feel bad.

It’s easy to feel bad if you have negative thoughts and focus on something you don’t want or like. The same goes for focusing on thoughts that make you feel happy and bring you joy.

Again, only you can be in charge of how you feel and it depends on what information you let your mind think about.

Happy New Year!

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Megan Dalla-Camina, Director of Strategy at IBM, coach, speaker and author

Join us on Wednesday, 28 November for the AMCHAM annual Women in Leadership End of Year Networking Evening.

Megan Dalla-Camina, Director of Strategy at IBM, coach, speaker and author, will be sharing thoughts from her newly released book ‘Getting Real About Having It All: Be Your Best, Love Your Career and Bring Back Your Sparkle’.

Megan is represented by Voxy Lady who is sponsoring this event. Hope to see you there!  MORE DETAILS HERE

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Anita Moorjani’s incredible recovery from cancer

Since I can remember I have always wondered what my purpose on this planet is.  I still don’t know and I continue on my quest to find out why I am here, who AM I, am I contributing anything worthwhile and what is the meaning of life? It’s the driver behind everything that I do. My curiosity about the meaning of life has resulted in me studying Near Death Experiences for nearly 25 years! In fact, I actually contribute a lot of the way I live my life today due to my studies and the messages the NDE’rs have brought back with them.  I do think that we are all on this planet for a purpose and especially we are here to live a life of unconditional love. Now that’s not easy…loving someone unconditionally! Believe me, I’m no spiritual angel loving everyone who crosses my path. In fact growing up I was as feisty as they come, I still am in a way but working on it!  I have a deep belief that there is a lot more to life than just working, stressing, trying to outdo the Jones’ and following religions that are based on fear.

In the last few weeks, I’ve been worrying about my health and in searching the internet I stumbled across a woman called Anita Moorjani. Anita’s near death experience is the most incredible I’ve come across and the medical records back up her claim that she should be dead from cancer. In fact, Anita who was in a coma and riddled with cancer did die, well her body did but her consciousness did not!

The story is far too incredible for me to write about, so I have posted a recent video where Anita tells her story in an interview with Lilou on the Juicy Living Tour. I have bought Anita’s book, I have watched hours of her being interviewed and I truly believe this lady has a message for us all. Anita’s book was written by the backing of Dr Wayne Dyer, who encouraged her to write the book which is published by Hay House. Anita is currently touring with Dr Wayne Dyer spreading her message.

Hope you can make the time to investigate for yourself.

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Moon and Venus from my bedroom

When I woke up this morning  at 5.00 a.m. I saw this picture from my bed….The Moon and Venus. I watched it until dawn. I could not take my eyes off this spectacular sight and I was mesmerised by its beauty until it vanished when daylight came.

Taken by the author of this BLOG on 14th Aug 2012

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The Subconscious – a story about its power

I love that twighlight zone when I’m waking up in the morning, still in my dream state and at the same time in a half awake state. I believe it’s in this state we can tap into our subconsciousness mind and do some pretty powerful things, including grooming your day to be the way you want it to.

For instance, when I wake up and think “Oh Sh*& I’ve got to deal with this and that…whinge…whinge” I set myself up for a day of everything going wrong. Yet when I wake up thinking “Brilliant! Another day I’m so excited etc” I do have a brilliant day.

Here is something very interesting about the power of the subconscious mind.  My regular readers know that my mother has had a very debilitating stroke. She cannot move her left hand at all and it will not open for her EXCEPT when she wakes up in the morning in that twighlight zone.  Her hand is straight but only until she consciously becomes aware of it,  then it curls up again into a fist and it cannot open unless forced! How powerful is that!

Mum wants nothing more than to be able to use the hand again so I have asked her to say this affirmation as she is falling asleep and first thing when she’s in that twighlight zone waking up: “My hand is completely healed”.  We have only just started on this, and it’s hard work to tell yourself something when you physically can see and feel it’s not the truth, yet I believe if her hand opens when she is asleep then it proves that the subconsciousness has a lot do with what is going on with her hand.

It’s early days yet and I’m encouraging my mum to use that time before sleep and on that dreamy waking up state to think about how she can move her hand. I have asked mum to stop hating her disability and have positive thoughts about her hand and to start laughing more about the situation as l believe laughter helps a lot.

Stay tuned I’ll keep posting about the progress!

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Fear my new best friend

Today my friend Lisa Phillips one of Sydney’s top Life Coaches gave me some good advice.  I should be more afraid of the consequences of not achieving my goals. That puts my fear into a whole new perspective for me.

Fear my new best friend



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Quiet Please

I have a new rule when I’m riding my bike and that’s to keep  my mind still and observe nature. When I find my mind chatting away I simply say to myself “Quiet Please”. 

This little practise has made me more relaxed, more calm and given me more clarity.

“Quiet Please”