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How to divorce successfully

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Photograph of a Ford Mustang V6.

Photograph of a Ford Mustang V6. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I am writing this post, I am sitting listening to some good music, enjoying an antipasto plate with a glass of Shiraz and I have great company to share this with. In fact, I am staying with my ex-husband of 11 years.  I’ve been here a couple of nights, we are in separate rooms and we are really really good mates. We have been separated all this time and we made a pact that despite what happened between us we would keep our family as protected and safe as can be. We decided to remain friends and that our girls would go on holidays with mum and dad, have dinner out together and we would celebrate things together. We did that, and still do. Actually both our girls are grown up and not even here tonight.

So eleven years on I am writing this blog post on my laptop and my ex is on his laptop chatting in the Mustang forum. I actually just produced a video of his new Mustang so he could post on the forum.  He thinks that’s pretty cool.

Here are my ideas on splitting up, especially if you have children together.  “You once were madly in love, you created a child or children together and it was based on love. Circumstances changed in life, things happened, yet love is all that matters. I am talking about LOVE not lust, or romance.”

So as I type this post, discussing with my ex about the next concert we are going to attend together, I smile knowing that my best friend and I will always be role models for our children and they grew up in a happy family. Not the norm, but happy! 🙂


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